The Retreat


Retreat to the sanctuary of our
three luxury salons and let
our highly trained experts
indulge you with our range
of mind, body and soul






Reiki uses the power of energy
to heal the mind, body, and soul
via the myofascial system.
This is a relaxing and uplifting
treatment suitable for everyone.






100% Organic Skincare made
from Scottish seaweed harvested
in The Hebrides containing natural
anti-oxidants & anti-ageing properties. 



ESPA Natural Skincare

ESPA is guided by a holistic
philosophy, caring for your whole 
 Enjoy, naturally beautiful 
skin & renewed sense of inner calm.



NEW ishga MENU

Our ishga Treatment Menu
is available in all our Salons.


Welcome to The Retreat

Walk through the doors of one of our Award-Winning locations and be transported into a world of relaxation.
Our friendly team of professional therapists and experts will be ready to welcome you with our range of
mind, body, and soul treatments to relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate.

If you’re unsure of your needs, our experts can guide you through our carefully selected range of treatments.
Our highly trained team will ensure you’re set on a path of wellbeing from the inside out,
leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.







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I’m Suffering With Anxiety, Help!

The issue I find I'm dealing with most often during LifeHeal Coaching sessions at The Retreat, is anxiety - while I've had many different situations that have come up, anxiety seems to be a recurring theme. Many people talk of feeling like they are drowning and or out...

Benefits of Meditation

Wellness and beauty are not solely related to our body, but also - or especially - to what's inside, our mind and soul. With this concept in mind, at The Retreat we’ve begun to focus equally on our inner wellbeing. Activities such as yoga and meditation are part of...

Living With Crohn’s Disease

Living With Crohn's Disease By the time I had been diagnosed with Crohn's at 19, I'd already lost several stones in weight and was a size 6, an unnatural shape for me.  My diet over the previous six months had consisted, on the better days, of half a piece...

What is Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)?

As many of you may know we recently introduced new treatment - KCR, which stands for "Kinetic Chain Release". . What is KCR? . Kinetic Chain Release is a fairly new treatment protocol developed by Scottish physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert, who has spent 36 years refining...

Autism & ADHD

My son's first day of school didn’t turn out to be a happy one for us.   When his Dad went to collect him at the end of the day, the head teacher pulled him aside and told him that he had autism and both himself and his older brother were dyslexic.  Despite not being...

what our clients say…

Thank you so much for the amazing massages today!
Salon is stunning, staff are lovely and treatments are stellar.
My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back.

Lyn M.

If you haven’t been yet, I would recommend a visit to The Retreat Peebles.
The service was fantastic, Emma was lovely, and kindly did my makeup and nails last week.
The nail bar is great, loved sitting at the window, people watching whilst getting pampered.

Leslie N.

Loved my complimentary treatment today, thank you very much.
Can’t wait for my next treatment next week.
The whole salon looked beautiful and all the girls were very friendly.
Recommended you to all my friends!

Louise C.

I booked in for a facial and hot stone massage with at Linlithgow salon last week.
Such a lovely salon and super friendly reception staff. 
Will definitely recommend the salon to others, thank you.

Samantha L.

I just had the most amazing massage, thank you so much.
Can’t wait to come again. Will be recommending to all my friends, bliss!

Lynn B.