We were inspired to write this article after watching a Deepak Chopra video about how we are far more in control of our health than we may think.  Chopra believes that we have influence over 95% of our health and that health and wellbeing is moving to a place where it will be personalised, predictable, process oriented and reversible.  Here are some tips based on Deepak’s teachings on how you can manage and even reverse your ill health.

  1. Develop A Consistent Sleep Routine

Develop a sleep routine that supports a peaceful sleep of around 7-8 hours a night.  Do not take medication to achieve this.  This period of rest allows your body to recuperate from the stresses of daily life.  Read more about developing a sleep routine here.

   2.  Meditation

As with sleep, meditation allows the body and mind to quieten, and this promotes good mental and physical health.  There are many free and paid meditation classes around Edinburgh and West Lothian, or you can develop a simple practise at home.  Read more about the benefits of meditation here.

3.  Resolve Anxiety & Stress

Resolve anxiety and stress by using meditation techniques or cognitive behavioural therapy for long term peace of mind.  Read more about how anxiety works here.

 4.  Dysfunctional Relationships & Emotional Trauma

Science has discovered that our emotional state, which is influenced by our relationships, affects our homeostatic mechanisms.  Homeostatic mechanisms help regulate the body, including: our temperature, body fluid composition, blood sugar, gas concentrations, and blood pressure.  So for example if you have an argument or you experience anxiety or guilt, these physical states in our body will be altered and become unbalanced.  If this imbalance is prolonged, it can result in inflammation in the body, which can in turn result in a long term or chronic inflammatory disease.  You can resolve these issues with cognitive behavioural therapy.

 5.  Diet & Nutrition

Avoid refined and manufactured foods, instead opt for organic which comes without the steroids, hormones and pesticides which can build up and have a negative effect on your body.  Read more about refined flour and sugar here.

  6.  Move

Do exercise like yoga which stimulates the vagus nerve which helps to keep you healthy and your body functioning as it should.  Even walking around and continual movement throughout the day can have a positive effect.

 7.  Connect With The Earth

Take your shoes and socks off and walk barefoot on grass or the beach. This action reconnects you with the earth, resetting your natural biological rhythms.  This simple action can help with decreasing inflammation in the body.  If it isn’t possible to walk barefoot, buy your self a grounding mat which you can sit, stand, lie, or do yoga on, which will have a similar effect.

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