About Our Spa

An intimate place where your wellbeing and mindfulness are catered for...

Our Philosophy

The Retreat Spa is an intimate place where your wellbeing and mindfulness are catered for by our highly experienced therapists, offering luxury ESPA and ishga treatments, which we have carefully selected with you in mind.

In recognition of the many different ways each of us respond to the stress of life, our entire spa philosophy pivots around three different approaches: Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate. These themes guide you in finding experiences that meet your exact needs. Our mission is to recognise you as an individual, offering you holistic and tailored spa experiences ranging from pure relaxation to unique wellness journeys.


Sometimes in this fast-paced world, life can become too much. Nervous tension can build up and we find it difficult to unwind or sleep. Relax calms the mind and nerves, easing muscle tension to achieve a sense of deep relaxation and peace.


During times of stress, lifestyles can become unhealthy. Our bodies may feel sluggish and in need of detoxification. Restore has been designed to cleanse and purify both mind and body, restoring your natural equilibrium.


Everyday worries can often lower energy levels, leaving you feeling emotionally drained and creating a sense of exhaustion. Rejuvenate focuses on raising energy levels through different mediums of treatment, activity and carefully selected ingredients, resulting in a sense of wellbeing and renewed vitality.

The Retreat Spa is unique from any other spa experience — each treatment is crafted to relax, restore and rejuvenate the whole mind, body and soul.

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