Sports Massage is a specific type of massage designed to assist in correcting imbalances of soft tissue in those who engage in regular physical activity. Soft tissue – which includes skinmusclestendons and ligaments – is manipulated in order to prevent possible injury, boost performance and improve recovery. 

On Mondays and Wednesdays Sports Massage will be available at The Retreat thanks to Denise, a highly trained Sports Massage therapist with plenty of experience, who has worked in Balmoral, Cruise Ships and Gleneagles.  

What is Sports Massage and what are its benefits? As we mentioned above, it has do to with soft tissue and, if practised prior to and following trainings and events, can improve health and wellbeing. Let’s find out some further detail! 

First of all, we must say that Sports Massage has a number of effects, both physical and psychological.
It is a very ancient practice that originates in Greece and China, which are famously birthplaces of many healthy activities involving mind and body. Indeed, Sports Massage is an excellent stress and anxiety reliever, as it brings relaxation to the muscles. Before events it can even work as an invigorating therapy if done with rapid movements. 

Speaking of physical effects instead, this form of massage can play a significant role in your sporty life. One of the main benefits is blood circulation improvement: it increases blood flow to tissues, and opens/dilates the blood vessels by stretching them; this results in nutrients in passing through more easily. 

Other important effects are: boosted tissue elasticity, thanks to the massage movements that help reverse the hardness cause by hard training; increased tissue permeability, as during the massage the pores open, allowing fluids and nutrients to pass through; better tissue stretching, which consists of bundles of muscle fibres stretched lengthwise as well as sideways, releasing any tension build up; incremented blood pumping, thanks to the stroking movements that suck fluid through blood vessels and lymph vessels. 

Also, Sports Massage helps get rid of lactic acid which causes pain to muscles following an intense training session. This results in pain reduction and a sense of diffused relaxation. 

If you feel like giving Sports Massage a try, why not take advantage of our exclusive introductory offer at The Retreat Peebles? When you book a 55 min Sports Massage, you receive a complimentary 75 min one! Click here to book. 

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