Eyebrows have taken the beauty industry by storm over the last few years. It’s hard to make it through a day without someone’s eyebrows making their way into a conversation, whether it’s because of someone’s impeccable street style brows, a celebrity’s trend-setting brow look or a transformative new beauty trend. The transformation of what’s trending decade to decade is fascinating to see, and at The Retreat we are loving the particularly strong brows clients are currently after.

Read on for two huge eyebrow trends currently in the spotlight!


Microblading has become a massive trend in 2017 and the beauty gods have spoken. Microblading videos and social media posts are everywhere. Microblading is a form of tattooing where colour pigment is placed under skin with a handheld blade rather than a machine. Professionals draw hair-like strokes to give their clients an incredibly natural look. It’s semi-permanent, usually lasting 6 months to a year before touch ups are needed.

The treatment can take a couple of hours and can be somewhat painful depending on a client’s pain threshold, but numbing cream can be used to dull the sensation. This treatment isn’t for everyone, but it can provide an amazing solution for people unhappy with their brows, especially those who struggle with hair growth due to chemotherapy, alopecia or trichotillomania.

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We beg of you, please don’t try Microblading at home! While The Retreat doesn’t offer Microblading yet, HD Brows can offer a similar effect.  Here’s a thorough guide to HD Brows at The Retreat.

Bushy, boyish brows

Although she’s not the first to bring full, bushy brows to the red carpet, model/actress Cara Delevingne has been inspiring boyish brows for the last couple of years. Last year a much more architecturally prominent brow was huge. While it’s still a major element to street style, experts say the next year will bring a still full, but more boyish brow look. This brow look has less of perfected and drastic arch.

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You may have noticed a couple of slightly wackier brow trends on social media, including feather brows.

While the above images don’t exactly read as an everyday look, it is the basis for a feathered brow effect, which when done well looks a bit bushy, but clearly styled to look that way.

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Are you thinking of a brow makeover? Book an appointment with our HD Brows experts. Also, stop into any of our Salons to try our new Beautiful Brows palette!

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