One of the most requested nail treatments at our Salons is certainly Bio Sculpture Gel, also known as “Bio Gel”.  It’s a one-component durable gel treatment that strengthens the nails and promotes their natural growth, as it doesn’t cause them any damage. Bio Gel nails can last up to three weeks on hands and six-to-eight weeks on toes, and this is one of the reasons it’s such a loved treatment.
Anyway, the brand Bio Sculpture is much more than gel nails, so we’d like to focus a little bit on its history.
How did everything start? Who is the founder? What are the benefits? Let’s find out!
Bio Sculpture Gel founder and CEO, Elmien Scholtz, is from South Africa, where her adventure began. Following her studies at Cidesco Beauty Academy in Stellenbosch, she decided to open her first beauty salons in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. However, soon she realised there weren’t any nail products that didn’t damage the natural nail, so decided to come up with something different.
In the 1980s, Elmien started searching for new ideas for some innovative formulas. Following many tests and attempts, in 1988 she introduced the very first soakable, coloured nail-gel in the world, which she later on registered as Bio Sculpture Gel.
Now the brand is worldwide famous, and since then Elmien has expanded her beauty salons in 30 different countries, becoming one of the leading brands in the nail industry. Her headquarters – which is absolutely environmentally friendly – is still in South Africa though, where the products are manufactured in-house.
It’s very important to point out that Bio Sculpture Gel is free of FormaldehydeFormaldehyde ResinTolueneDBP orCamphor, which makes it one of the safest and most natural nail systems available nowadays. Also, it’s strictly cruelty-free and 100% vegan, as they have stated on their website!
While some nail systems require a certain preparation, Bio Sculpture Gel is designed to be applied straight onto the nail, so no specific preparation is required. After removing any oil traces or dead skin, the gel is applied directly onto the nail, and finally cured under a UV light. This means that, upon removal, it is simply cleared away from the plate without causing any damage.
This is the reason why the formula invented by Elmien – unlike many others on the market – promotes healthy and hydrated nails, instead of dehydrating them. The ingredients used, indeed, nurture the condition of the natural nail, making the treatment ideal for those whose nails are weak.
Bio Sculpture Gel is such a popular treatment simply because it doesn’t require primers, bonders or base coats, therefore it’s quick, and – as we said – doesn’t cause any damage to the natural nail. Additionally, it’s available in over 140 pre-mixed colours, so in case of nail art it won’t fail to impress! One of the most enjoyable parts of Bio Gel is the final result, which is long-lasting and chip resistant. It will stay on your hands for up to three weeks! And when its job is done, the removal takes between 5 to 10 minutes, thanks to its original soak-off formula.
Speaking of which, do you know that when you come to our Salons to soak off your nail treatment (ShellacBio Sculpture GelCND Liquid & Powder), if you re-apply on the same day to have your nails done, we won’t charge you for the soak off you came for?
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