Get To Know Your TherapistEllie is our newest staff member and currently works as Beauty Therapist at our Salon in Peebles.
She’s young, bright, lively, and has lots of energy, straight from Australia! We’re very curious to read her answers and get to know her a little better, and you? Let’s get started!

Name: Ellie Thin-Smith
Position: Beauty Therapist
Salon: The Retreat Peebles

Question 1: What do you enjoy about working in the beauty industry?
I really enjoy all the different treatments that are available and using my skills to help people feel better within themselves.

Question 2: What’s the favourite part of your job?
I have always enjoyed seeing how treatments psychologically uplift your clients. And helping them relax if they have very stressful lives.

Question 3:  If you could choose one favourite product what would it be?
I’ve just come back from my ESPA training and while I was away I fell in love with the Skin Radiance Moisturiser. It really helped to brighten my complexion and added a natural glow to my skin.

Question 4: What treatment would you choose to have yourself?
I love the ESPA Inner Calm Massage, as it helps me relax and of course a Spray Tan. I love nothing more than staying tanned haha!

Question 5: Where did you last go on holiday?
My last holiday was back home to Sydney, Australia, in January (I’m an Aussie girl), lol!

Question 6: What’s your favourite food?
I absolutely love seafood and salmon. Always reminds me of growing up by the beach.

Thank you very much Ellie!

See you next month for another interview!

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