Do you ever feel like your butt just doesn’t sparkle enough on the beach? Us either. However, an artist named Mia Kennington, a member of The Gypsy Shrine group, started the “glitter booty” trend. Based in the UK, the group travels to festivals around the world to cover attendees in glitter. They’re also available for private events like weddings and hen parties.

In a blog post on The Gypsy Shrine website Mia explained where she got the inspiration for this glittery trend:

“Sitting on the desert/beach I always seem to get sand attached to my bum. We all do! Super annoying right?! Well, we thought why not have a bit of a laugh about it by putting glitter on our butts instead! It’s an issue literally everyone who has been to the beach and sat on the sand can relate to, besides … glitter is definitely a lot prettier than sand right?!”

Kennington told Cosmopolitan that the look’s achievable by first applying hair gel to skin, then using a paintbrush to apply lots of glitter and any other gems or jewels, and to finish by setting it with hairspray or makeup setting spray.

?FRIDAY FEELING?GET SPARKLY❤️✨!!!!! #glitterbooty ?

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Albeit entirely impractical, we kind of love this beauty trend, if not only for a bit of fun.
So, what do you say, will you be covering your butt in light-reflecting particles for your next trip to the beach?  

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