Picking your nail polish colour is part of the enjoyment of having a manicure, but with so many shades to choose from, how do you pick just one?
Well, there are a few factors to consider….
Skin Tone 
Skin tone is really important, it’s a bit like choosing the right foundation. It’s a matter of harmony – of course, you can just pick the hue that you like the most, but wouldn’t it be nice if it complemented your skin tone as well?
According to top make up artists fair skin tones match perfectly with dark polishes, especially the ones with cold undertones. Medium skin tones go well with dark warm colours such as burgundy, and dark skin tones are the lucky ones as they match pretty much with any shade!
Shape Of Your Hands
If you have short fingers our recommendation is to avoid dark colours as it can make your fingers look shorter, or even stubby, which you definitely don’t want. Try something light and bright instead. Glittery works too. Not nude though. If you’re fortunate enough to have elongated, thin fingers, then nudes – and almost any other shades are for you.
Although many fashion and make up gurus say your nail polish shouldn’t be matching with your outfit, we actually think that it shouldn’t be too much different from what you’re wearing either. If you’re dressed for a classy dinner in an elegant long black dress, perhaps you wouldn’t be wearing green fluo nails. At the same time, you wouldn’t like wearing nude shades if your outfit is fitting a wild punk gig, for instance.
Nail design is a part of your personality and a chance for you to express yourself and your creativity, so make sure they always suit your style, whether it’s classic or rock!
Following the seasons and their colours also helps when it comes to picking the best shade. We already do it with our wardrobe, usually leaning towards darker clothes during the wintertime, and then lighter and brighter colours in summer. Same goes for nail polish. Autumn and winter mostly see dark, rich colours such as warm reds, deep greens, velvety blues or glittery blacks. Spring and summer are all about bright and pastel shades like mint, sugar pink, peachy orange, pale yellow and all types of nudes.
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