As many of you know, recently ESPA went through a deep renewal that involved their whole image. They called it “The ESPA Revolution”.

The famous brand changed their logo and packaging, leaving behind their characteristic dark purple, while opting for a minimalistic style in the sign of bright white. It was a brave choice, perhaps a little risky, but the clients seem now to appreciate it and they have started getting used to it.
Alongside with these important changes, it was kind of expected they would introduce some new treatments to wholly match with their new motto:

At ESPA we are guided by a holistic philosophy, caring for your whole wellbeing

And they were absolutely serious when they used the word “holistic“. Most of the newly introduced treatments include a series of different techniques that are closer to meditation rather than to the typical massages you can usually receive at spas or salons. They specifically aim to deliver a peaceful inner balance, positive changes in mood and high levels of happiness and wellbeing. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Some of these elements drew our attention so much that we thought it was interesting to look into them, especially considering that this month our VIP offer gives you the chance to try out one of these new ESPA treatments – the Inner Calm Massage – at a special price.
Are you ready to rebalance your inner energy?

Metamorphic Zones

Metamorphic zones – mentioned in the Mindful Massage – are a part of Reflexology, an alternative type of medicine based on maps that reflect parts of the body on the feet and hands.
Reflexology involves the application of pressure to the feet and hands with particular thumb, finger, and hand techniques without using oils or lotions.
In the specific case of Metamorphic Zones, they are located on the feet, and when properly massaged, they help you rebalance and ground. People who receive pressure to this area feel energised, relaxed, or both.

The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara (a sanskrit word that can be translated as “thousand petals”), is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of the head, or slightly above the head, it sits like a crown radiating upwards (that’s where it takes its name from). It gives access to higher states of consciousness once all the preoccupations are left behind. It is most commonly represented with the color white, and its auric color can be seen as gold, or clear light.
In order to have a healthy Crown Chakra, it needs to be perfectly in balance with the other chakras. A deficiency in the Crown Chakra may cause problems such as depression, chronic fatigue, migraines and headaches.
The most effective way to heal and rebalance the Crown Chakra is using chakra stones – such as Selenite or Quartz – and practicing Aromatherapy, which includes a wide range of scents. Jasmine, rose and lavender can soothe an overactive Crown Chakra, while sandalwood and myrrh can help stimulate it if it’s blocked.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz Crystals

The use of crystals in meditation is relevant, as they’re a powerful tool to achieve specific outcomes on a spiritual level.
Amongst all the crystals, Quartz is the best one for meditation, because it contains healing energies that are in line with anything you want to achieve. Quartz Crystals bring clarity of the mind and help you become more focused, inspired and motivated for pursuing your goals.
Talking of the Rose Quartz specifically, its vibrations are connected to the Heart Chakra, located in the center of the heart. This crystal can have both soothing and stimulating effects to the heart. Rose Quartz crystals are generally used to neutralise negative emotions, release issues of abandonment, depression, low self-esteem, and help radiate feelings of compassion and love.

Metamorphic Zones are treated in the Mindful Massage, Crown Chakra in the Inner Calm Massage, while the use of Rose Quartz Crystals is involved in both treatments. We find all this very innovative as ESPA definitely brought up something unusual and delightful to all their clients.

Did we intrigue you enough to persuade you try the Inner Calm Massage?
Let us know! We hope to see you soon at our Salons!

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