Nail art is being taken to the next level in a very permanent way: say ‘hello’ to cuticle tattoos!

While it’s not a totally new concept – Rihanna did debut some cuticle tattoos several years ago – it’s especially gained popularity in the last couple of weeks on social media. More significantly, it’s valuable to keep in mind, Henna has been present in Indian (and other) cultures for centuries. It’s not uncommon for century-old practices to reappear in modern day and widespread fast fashion.

Tiny tattoos are sought after as a way to express yourself without taking up too much space on your body. A wee tattoo on your finger is a little less daunting than going for a half-sleeve. Body art is increasingly more accepted socially, including in the workplace, which wasn’t the case a couple of decades ago. Likewise, nail art is a hugely common way to get creative with your look in an relatively understated way. Combining the two could be the perfect way to up your style game.

If you’re not keen on permanently jumping on this trend wave – the thought of getting our sensitive cuticles tattooed doesn’t exactly sound pain-free – you can give temporary cuticle tattoos a whirl! Rad Nails retails temporary cuticle tattoos through distributors like Urban Outfitters and Selfridges. Not only are temporary cuticle tattoos just a fun change of pace, they also could give you a trial run in case you’re thinking of having the real deal done.

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The Retreat doesn’t offer cuticle tattoos, but our Therapists can design a nail look that will accompany your cuticle tattoos, whether your ink is temporary or permanent!
We hope to see you at one our Salons’ Nail Bars soon!


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