Everyone who has had a massage will know how relaxing it is.  In a busy schedule even an hour just to lie down during the day feels indulgent, and that’s before a hand has been laid on you!

Therapeutic massage is the mobilisation of soft tissue to restore normal function in your body.  Regular therapeutic massage boosts circulation, the lymph system, and neurological functioning.  This means that it can be used for specific conditions and occasions.

Stress Management

Most people suffer from stress at some level.  It can just be a feeling of being harried, while for others it can mean light to extreme anxiety, and in the worst cases prolonged stress and anxiety can lead to depression.  When you’re stressed the hormone adrenaline (along with cortisol and norepinephrine) is released and this  increases your heart rate and blood pressure as your body moves into ‘fight or flight’ mode.  Our bodies cannot tell the difference between being chased by a tiger or the emotional stress of say, a relationship breakdown, so these hormones are released when really they are unnecessary.  Constant stress can lead to your body releasing these hormones too often which mess about with your blood pressure and heart rate making you feel even more stressed.  Massage has a counteractive effect, it releases endorphins that calm the nervous system sending relaxing messages to the brain and back to the limbs.

The positive relaxing effects of massage will begin to be felt after 15mins and can last up to 48 hours.

Post Operative Care

Circulation of blood and lymph is increased when massaged, leading to nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the site which promotes cell growth, repair and renewal.  The lymph system is integral to the body’s immune systems so lymphatic massage and drainage when safe to do so, can help avoid infections and further illnesses post operation.

We also offer scar management treatments  as part of our Holistic Healing Packages at The Retreat helping to reduce the discomfort and appearance of scars.

Chronic Pain

Massage is good for any kind of muscle ache or pain, as well as inflammatory conditions like Crohns which are affected by stress.  The benefits are two fold, firstly there is the direct physical ease of tension that comes from having a massage (we can also offer abdominal massage for digestive issues and connective tissue release massage for emotional issues), the second is the indirect benefit of reduced stress.

Emotional/Psychological Disorders

Physical ailments and chronic conditions can lead to emotional and psychological disorders which can be eased by massage.  There are thousands of nerve endings in the skin sending signals to the brain – massaging of the skin promotes relaxation sending calming signals back to the brain as described above.

Massage and cognitive coaching work well hand in hand for long term benefits with regard to reducing the effects of an emotional or psychological disorder.

Pre and Post Sports Events

Massage manipulations send oxygenated blood back to the heart more efficiently.  This improved flow helps to remove carbon dioxide and waste products which improves muscle function and reduces muscle stiffness.

We offer pre sports event massage to prepare the body by warming up muscles and increasing oxygenated blood flow ready for peak performance (the ideal length of a preparatory sports massage treatment is around 30mins), and post event deep muscle massage to promote quick recovery and avoid muscle aches after exertion.

At The Retreat we can tailor a programme of massage to you to help ease chronic conditions, promote recovery, or prepare for a major sports event.

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