An empath can be described as someone that feels things that others don’t – they sit very high on the empathetic spectrum.

It is likely they will have been labelled ‘over-sensitive’ at some point in their lives and this may have stuck with them.  It is true that they are an emotional contagion – that is, they can feel and take on other people’s emotions, but that doesn’t make their sensitivity a negative.

They are often the people others go to with problems or advice.  As a result of this sometimes they recognise their abilities and gifts and become healers.

Empaths have brain cells that are hyper responsive mirror neurons, they resonate deeply with emotions around them and often find too much socialising to be overwhelming.

Their ability to ‘feel’ other people means they are driven to try and fix them and this can become draining.  Their lack of self care and need to people please can lead to low self esteem and chronic illnesses – especially as they can often attract ‘energy vampires’ whom have narcissistic tendencies.  One in five people have these characteristics and they often match themselves with an empath.

It can be quite late on in life when empaths become aware that they are indeed empaths and learn to look after and protect themselves from this negative energy.  When this awakening takes place they learn to be at peace with themselves and find ways to channel their unique qualities to help others in a positive way, without giving too much of themselves.

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